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If you have a question about any of the sims games, ask here. It can be about game play, system specs, posting to communities, taking and editing game pics...anything sims related! Your comment will be screened until the question is posted.

Question: Finding a long lost file

Once upon a time Aelia uploaded a file called FT hobby outfit with wellies on this post: http://aelia.dreamwidth.org/9007.html
Unfortunately it seems to no longer exist. And since Aelia hasn't been around in quite some time now I was hopping someone still had access to it and wouldn't mind sharing


So I have a little problem! I've been defaulting all day and all night and found some really great things... except I don't think some of them are acceptable for all ages. For example I found a default for the Male polo and male cargo pants that I don't find acceptable for my Adults or Elders. How do I edit defaults on SimPe or even wardrobe wrangler? I've tried searching for this answer, but never found what I wanted.

I just want the option of removing some age categories and keeping others. Is there anyway to do this, or do I have to suck it up/delete the defaults?

Question: Running Sims 2 on my laptop

I was wondering whether it is safe to run the Sims 2 on my laptop. I've been thinking about putting it on for a while now, but what's stopping me is that I used to play it on my old laptop, and it died when it was only 13 months old. I'm not sure whether me playing the Sims on it caused my old laptop to die, so I'm apprehensive about putting it on my new one. What I want to know is, am I likely to kill my laptop again if I do put the Sims 2 on? I will be putting all expansion packs and all stuff packs on if I go ahead with the install.

The specifications for my laptop are -
Intel Core i5 processor @ 2.50GHz
6GB memory
750GB hard drive
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Intel HD Graphics Family display with approx 1619MB of memory

Question: Installing EP without manual

I'm trying to install the Freetime expansion pack to my game. However, I have lost the manual to the game and I have no clue how to install. What are the ways to installing an expansion pack without the manual?
I am trying to change some make-up into face paint-- I want nosemasks, freckles, and wrinkles under make-up to be in the section where the butterfly face mask is.

I am using Wardrobe Wrangler which has worked in moving items between bins before but it is not working this time.

I have changed the information under the Accessories tab for each item to Face Paint but all of my items are still in make-up. What should I do?

Question: How to fix an unloading lot

This has happened to me before in the sims 2, but it was quickly fixed once I moved out the family, however it has struck again.

My "Landgraab House Dorms" in Sim State decided to not load for any reason. The game doesn't crash, all it does is just load up all of the loading screen bars and then it just perpetually loads. Nothing ever changes.

I moved out the uni students, and nothing has changed. The house still won't load even with no sims in it.

Question: Compatability with Windows 8

I'm building a new computer soon, and I have the choice to put Windows 7 or 8 on it. I was wondering if any simmers had played TS2 or TS3 on Windows 8 yet, and if they had any compatibility or performance issues?
This question is about custom terrains in TS2. I'm trying to fix a couple of mine, and I stupidly used the final name I would like to give one of them on a test neighborhood. Now I can't reuse the name. Is there any way to change the name of a neighborhood somewhere in the program files so that I can reuse it?
I've recently installed the stuff pack Glamour Life onto my boyfriend's best friend's computer. I've never had it, so I wanted to install it on his computer before I committed to it.

However, there seems to be a gaping problem with some of the outfits. There are only two outfits that are affected: one AM suit that has a hole in it's arm, and the woman's fur coat.

(Please excuse the crappy MS paint. He doesn't have photoshop)


As you can see, there is a gaping hole where her chest is.... What happened?

Mod update: spam

Due to the utterly ridiculous amounts of spam coming in lately, I've turned off anon commenting. Apparently there's a whole host of spambots out there with crushes on me who want me to buy ugg boots and other Canadian goose jackets (or jackets for Canadian geese, I'm not sure), but since they're annoying, I'm turning anon off for now. This will affect the submissions post I think, which I am sorry about. I'll turn anon back on in a few days or a week, to hopefully give them time to move on. Sorry about this!



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