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If you have a question about any of the sims games, ask here. It can be about game play, system specs, posting to communities, taking and editing game pics...anything sims related! Your comment will be screened until the question is posted.

Question: Sim Secret

Is there a specified time period in which submissions for SimsSecret is open. I'm new to this whole thing and I'm wondering if there is some sort of schedule for these posts.


Question: Sims 3 Seasons

My daughter wants Sims 3 Seasons for PC/Mac for Christmas. She doesn't have any other Sims games for the computer. Do you need the Sims 3 game before you can use the expansion pack or can you just use the Seasons?
So, I asked somewhere else and of course my post got over 180 views but no one has answered and I figured I could ask here instead. I have a problem with EPs recognizing each other. I've reinstalled multiple times and to no avail. I want to run a game with just BV, FT, and AL as three eps is about as much as my computer can handle without a glitch-infested game. I make sure to install in the proper order and bypass the launcher, but I can run the game from any ep (which is strange in itself), they just don't recognize that the other eps are installed. Apartment Life seems to be the issue, but I've gotten these three eps to cooperate just fine before.

Any suggestions?

Question: Pond does not work in Sims 2

I am feeling like a complete dumbass. I can't make a pond for the life of me. I've googled, I've even Mts2'd, I've Gos'd and I even checked out the wiki but I just can't get my pond working.

I've got shadows on (so you can see the fish) but I can't get any actions. Am I just being a dumbass???

Question: Cannot select sims in SimPE

I have a question about Sims 2 and SimPe.
I went into Sim Surgery to extract some sims I recently created so I could upload them. Their names show up but not their pictures and I can't select them in order to extract them. I'm completely stumped as to why this is happening and I have no idea what to do to fix it. Please help?
Two things...

First of all, anon posting isn't allowed in this journal anymore. Is that intended?

Second, in Sims 3, sometimes when I click on an item (a toilet, shower, or computer, for example) I get the option to replace it for x Simoleans. Why does this happen?

I hope my question is not a silly one! You see, I got Jessie Pilferson pregnant with Mickey Dosser. I just remembered that he has a broken face template. This is in a 'hood I made long before clean templates. I also have defaulted and replaced all of my faces in CAS. Is there any other way I could fix his face and genetics so his child will actually look like him?
Are there any known hacks that interfere with pet pregnancies? The only pet-related hack I have is nostrayrespawn.

My first try with dogs resulted in pregnancy, which I only became aware of when the dog was not allowed to travel off lot. I cheated to force an error to reset the dog, to no effect, and the dog became an elder without giving birth. I tried again with a different dog on a different lot, and this time there was no indication of pregnancy, except that I could not make the dogs "Try for puppy with..." again. Again, this dog reached elder stage without giving birth.


Question: Finding a long lost file

Once upon a time Aelia uploaded a file called FT hobby outfit with wellies on this post:
Unfortunately it seems to no longer exist. And since Aelia hasn't been around in quite some time now I was hopping someone still had access to it and wouldn't mind sharing


So I have a little problem! I've been defaulting all day and all night and found some really great things... except I don't think some of them are acceptable for all ages. For example I found a default for the Male polo and male cargo pants that I don't find acceptable for my Adults or Elders. How do I edit defaults on SimPe or even wardrobe wrangler? I've tried searching for this answer, but never found what I wanted.

I just want the option of removing some age categories and keeping others. Is there anyway to do this, or do I have to suck it up/delete the defaults?


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